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man smiling looking down at arms holding two bottles of coda classic and one bottle of coda gold

See Why Coda is your New Go-To Holiday Gift

So much thought. So little time. So many people.

And so, SO busy!

We’d like to know, when and why did holiday shopping become synonymous with stress? Make gifting easy and your holidays happy by sending Coda to any wine drinker you know and love.

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Quality Prosecco Delivered

Coda is award-winning Italian prosecco from the Valdobbiadene region of Veneto, Italy, prosecco’s true heartland. If your gift recipient has visited, they’ll instantly recognize the authenticity. If they haven’t, that first sip will take them there. All orders ship directly from our Veneto vineyard.

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No Added Sugar, No Added Chemicals

There are dirty secrets in the wine industry that big brands don’t want you to know, mainly around what’s in your wine. Coda isn’t just a matter of what you get; it’s also a winner for what you don’t. While mass-produced wines have chemicals and added sugar, Coda is clean, crisp, and less likely to leave a headache the next day—because no one asked for a hangover for Christmas.

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A Gift That Keeps Giving

Wine that just arrives on its own? Cheers to that. Buy a subscription so the bubbly keeps flowing for your loved one, year-round. Subscribing is a great way to give an even bigger gift with better savings. Coda Classic subscriptions ship quarterly in packs of 2, 3, 6 or 12, and the first shipment comes with a free upgraded bottle of Coda Gold.

See why Gold is the Good Stuff
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Something Worth Celebrating

When you always have chilled bubbly on hand, you don’t have to look far to find a reason to pop a bottle. Meeting a weekday deadline, paying attention on a late-day videoconference, and even just making it through Monday are all prosecco-worthy achievements if you ask us. That still leaves the traditional Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday brunch wide open for extra enjoyment (always responsibly, of course). It’s simple, really: more bubbly means more happiness.

The Answer Across the Board

The ultimate holiday gift is one that you can give to multiple people, or even your entire circle if you’re all wine drinkers. Instead of searching, wondering and, let’s face it, sending something questionable, get your holiday shopping done confidently with a few clicks on our site. Don’t forget some to enjoy for yourself. Shop now and see our homepage for the latest savings.

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Happy bubbly holidays!