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photo of two smiling women clinking glasses of Coda

Happy New Year! Especially with Coda

From our vineyard in Northern Italy and our team in Southern California, Coda wishes you a happy new year. Beyond our best wishes and long past your New Year’s Eve celebration, we can actually truly make your new year happy with quality prosecco delivered to your door. And when you join the Coda Club, you’ll get a convenient quarterly restock with free shipping. Make Coda your new friend for the new year so you can enjoy:

sunset over coda vineyards
woman smiling with glass of coda next to popping coda bottle

More Happiness

The holiday cheer is warming but fleeting. When you appreciate the little things, special people and mini milestones in life each day, that’s a new level of happiness. If you always have a chilled bottle of bubbly in the fridge, you’ll always find a reason to celebrate. Even getting your email inbox to zero should call for a happy hour. If you get your inbox to zero every day, even better. Have a glass of Coda each evening. Just be sure to subscribe so a shipment is always on the way.

group of friends clinking glasses of coda mimosas

Less Headache

You like to have a drink or two, but you’re not out getting seriously drunk—so why do you wake up with that notorious wine headache? Mass-produced wines often have added sugar…big burlap bags of it. Just like sugary mixed drinks hit you harder the next day, so does sugary wine. We’re not afraid to expose the dirty secrets of the wine industry, especially when it comes to sugar. And thanks to our vineyard in Valdobbiadene, Veneto—the world’s most ideal and prestigious region for prosecco—our grapes don’t need any extra sugar to make great wine.

man smiling holding two bottles of coda classic and one bottle of coda gold

Lower Price

Importer. Distributor. Retailer.
When you buy wine from the store, you’re paying for markups from all three parties. They’re not doing anything wrong; it’s just how international supply chains typically work. But, we managed to break the chain and bring the wine directly from Italy to your door, with no extra markups along the way. It’s the only way you’ll find quality Italian prosecco for $19.95 per bottle. There’s also a little bit of wanderlust in knowing you’re getting your prosecco directly from the source.

icons representing no gmos, no gluten, and no preservatives

No Additives

In addition to having no sugar, Coda brings a few other welcomed subtractions. No GMOs. No gluten. No preservatives. No artificial colors or flavors. It’s as pure as prosecco can be. With a vegan and gluten-free wine on hand, you can offer a glass to just about any guest. You won’t taste any difference other than a prosecco that’s more spritzy and less sugary. If you like your sparkling wine to be more on the dry side, Coda will definitely be your new fave.

Better Bubbly

Coda is made how prosecco should be made and tastes how prosecco should taste. Whether your New Year’s resolution involves being happy, healthy or pursuing an ambitious goal, you should have a refreshing treat that you can look forward to at the end of every day. Get your new year poppin’ and keep the happiness flowing.