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The Coda Difference

See what makes Coda the best quality, elevated sparkling wine you’ve ever tasted.

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The Coda Wine Story

Cheers! To Good Friends, Great Wine and Even Better Times.

Coda was started by four families that love wine and wanted to bring great wine to more people!

Most great wines are really hard to find and get access to. Only a select few wineries are large enough to be found in your grocery store wine aisle. And most of those wineries are selling cheap, sugar-filled, mass produced wines.

We have spent years sourcing incredible wine from small-batch winemakers all over the world.

We decided it was time to create our own and help tell the story of great wine!

Coda is made by some of our favorite winemakers and the best grapes! Trust us. We know! We’ve tasted a lot of wine over the years!

However, great wine isn’t just about taste. You can buy cheap wine that tastes good, it’s just full of additives that cover up the cheap grapes! This leads to headaches, hangovers and more sugar in your diet.

It’s time to step up your wine game.

Did you know that wines don’t have a normal nutritional label on them? This makes it really hard to know what you’re drinking! We can tell you though that if it’s under $15 you’re likely drinking a whole lot of additives and in some cases the bottle is worth more than the wine inside.

With Coda, we promise to always bring you no sugar added, natural, sustainable wines that leave you feeling better the next day and make a statement anywhere you go!
We invite you to raise a glass and enjoy Coda with friends, family and loved ones while celebrating all of life’s moments.

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About Coda

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1. Quality You Can Savor

We source our grapes from only the best vineyards using nothing but real and natural ingredients.

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2. Wine Worth Talking About

Step up your grape game with an easy-to-drink, elevated bottle of wine that will make everyone ask, “Where’d you get that?”

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3. Direct to You

The best wine never makes its way to the wine aisle. We’re here to change that. We work direct with Italian winemakers to bring you the best prices and wine you could only find in Italy!

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4. To Good Friends & Great Times

We believe there is always a reason to raise a glass and celebrate with friends, family and loved ones.

Natural and Sustainable Wine

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No Added Sugars

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No Preservatives

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No Artificial Colors or Flavors

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Dry Farmed Wine

Every bottle of Coda is made with only the best clean ingredients. Our non-GMO grapes are handpicked from Italian vineyards and always free from pesticides, chemical additives and sweeteners.

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No More Headaches

Removing sugar and additives is the key to better mornings! Cheap wines use cheap grapes and rely on sugar to cover up the taste. We only use the best grapes that taste amazing on their own and don’t need all of the additives.

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Italian Prosecco

  • Straight from the picturesque Italian wine region of Valdobbiadene, Coda is hand-crafted by award-winning winemakers that have been producing wine for generations.
  • Soil & Land – Our vineyards use dry farming techniques meaning no additional irrigation water is used. Our vines live in the original soil chosen and our vineyards are placed in well ventilated hills, in a mix of bush and other plants that coexist to keep a balanced environment equilibrium.
  • Grapes – Our grapes are grown in the ideal environment for winemaking and come from heritage, non-GMO vines. This allows us to get the most flavor possible from them to create beautiful wines.
  • Region – The Valdobbiadene region’s cool climate near the Alps helps grow fresh and crisp white wines. It’s known as one of the best Prosecco regions in the world!
  • Winemaking – Winemaking is an art and a science. Our techniques have been passed down for generations and perfected over years of fine tuning and drinking! Our perfectly balanced wines will leave you wanting more!
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Our Wine Maker
+ Vineyard

Cesare De Stefani is our award winning Prosecco winemaker and a true master of his craft. And, if you ever want to visit, Coda’s beautiful vineyards are based 40 miles north of Venice in Cartizze, which is part of the Valdobbiadene region – prime Prosecco country!

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Our Actual Vineyard

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The Gold Standard

Coda’s Premium Prosecco

Coda Gold is made using Glera grapes from our reserve vineyards. These vineyards have an ideal hillside location that produces incredible flavors and some of the world’s best grapes for making Prosecco. There is only so much available and we’re bringing it direct to you!

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Tasting Notes

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aromas of jasmine flowers, juicy white peach and tropical citrus fruit

Coda Classic

Made from the noble Glera grape, native to the rolling hills of Northeast Italy, and produced without pesticides, added sugars or preservatives this bright bubbly emerges from the glass with aromas of jasmine flowers, juicy white peach and tropical citrus fruit. The palate is lively and energetic with cascades of tiny bubbles bursting with flavors of nectarine, crisp apple and pure refreshment on the finish. Serve chilled, on its own or as the backbone to the world’s best Mimosas!

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micro-production quantity and a rare treat to find in the US market

Coda Gold

The famous Italian “Grand Cru” of Cartizze gives birth to this world class Sparkling wine from the picturesque Valdobbiadene region. Made in a micro-production quantity and a rare treat to find in the US market; the wine is made from organically grown grapes, hand picked from the steep slopes of the Cartizze hill. The bouquet shows stone fruit, honeysuckle and fresh minerals while the delicate palate brims with citrus and tropical nuances.

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Coda vs. Average Grocery Store Wine

Average Grocery Store Wine
Affordable Price
Shipped Direct from Italy
Sustainable Agricultural Practices
Organic Ingredients
No Added Sugar
No Chemical Additives

Product Summary +
Closing Remarks

We love making and drinking incredible wine. We invite you on this journey of celebration and remind you to savor every moment with friends, family and loved ones. Cheers!

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